• Oct 24, 2014
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Get Inspired: Your Dream Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It's a place where your entire family - no matter how big or small - gathers to cook, eat, catch-up and relax. We thought we'd share one of our favorite kitchens from the National Home Show in Toronto. At every angle, this home provides inspiration for your own space. From the beautiful hardwood floors to the sleek but still natural cabinets and the cozy central fireplace, enjoy this inspiration. There are so many ideas in this one space that there is bound to be one that you can incorporate in your own space. Or maybe you just want to take some notes for your future dream kitchen.

small kitchen design

The fireplace in this space is beautiful and imagine how it could warm the whole space. It's also nice that it does not obstruct the view of the rest of the space so you get the cozy warmth of the fireplace without the wall that blocks your view. It's also great to have one fireplace that you can enjoy from several rooms in your home.

small kitchen design

The cabinets in this kitchen are sleek and modern but the wood grain texture gives them a warm and almost rustic feel. Large drawers provide plenty of storage and the double oven and over-sized cook top make this a dream for any chef.

small kitchen design

A cozy sitting area next to the kitchen is great for guests or even taking a break between batches of cookies. It's also another great space to enjoy the beautiful fireplace. The beautiful hardwood floors flow from space to space but a simple change in direction of the planks and a subtle border create distinction between the spaces. For more beautiful flooring ideas, visit CarpetOne.com.

small kitchen ideas

A smooth top cooking surface makes clean up easy and compliments the sleek modern lines of this kitchen. Keeping all the appliances in the same color family - in this case stainless steel - will help your counter feel less cluttered whiles still keeping the tools you use everyday at reach.

small kitchen ideasIt's always great to have a couple stools at your counter. Great for eating quick meals or for family members and guests to keep you company while you cook.

We hope you've enjoyed this beautiful and inspiring kitchen. What do you love about this space that you would want in your own dream kitchen?


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